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  • Are you looking for a new CHALLENGE?

  • Are you ready to make an IMPACT?

  • Would you like to be part of a big intellectual community under the umbrella of well-known organizations like CORS, GERAD, CIRRELT, and INFORMS?

  • Are you looking for an efficient way to MEET new interesting people from multiple disciplines, universities, and industries?

  • Are you searching for an OPPORTUNITY to apply and develop your skills and competencies?

  • Do you want to widen your JOB opportunities?

  • Do you want to gain LEADERSHIP skills and improve your C.V.?


Volunteer now with MORSC!

Make an IMPACT and LEARN for less than 2 hours per week! 


  • A student chapter designed 4 Students X Students

  • A WINNER of :

    • INFORMS 2018 Student Chapter Annual Award at the Magna cum laude level

    • INFORMS 2017 Student Chapter Annual Award at the cum laude level

  • Recognized as a student chapter under INFORMS, CORS, and Concordia


  • Social media managers: promote MORSC activities through social media and organize twitter events

  • Website developers: update and expand Wix-based MORSC website functionalities

  • Academic events organizers: organize events and reach out to speakers and industries

  • Editors: prepare MORSC journal and monthly updates



Sign up by filling out the following Google form by Nov. 10th at 5:00 pm and we will contact you soon!



Register Now  FOR FREE.


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