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Jun 22, 2017

Year 2016-2017

CPLEX Training School

Complete material of the CPLEX training school including powerpoint slides, documentation, video and C source codes.

May 09, 2017

Year 2016-2017

MORSC Anniversary Event and General Meeting

Review the chapter's activities during the past year and current status of the chapter. You can also find the financial report and list of collaborators.

Mar 16, 2017

Location: EV 2.185

First steps on Calcul Québec Servers

Author: Daniel Stubbs (Scientific analyst- Calcul Quebec)

Oct 31, 2016

Location: EV 2.260

Tutorial: Constraint Programming

Author: Chris Beck

Nov 08, 2016

Location: H817

Tutorial: Using CPLEX IDE for your optimization problem

Author: Masoud Madani


Seminar: Modeling and solving job shop problems with complex process features and complicated objectives

Author: Dr. Reinhard Bürgy

Video Tutorial

Tutorial: Running your Visual Studio Project on Linux Servers

Author: Carlos A. Zetina

Sep 29, 2016

Location: EV1.162

Seminar: An overview of optimization: history, classification and solution algorithms

Author: Carlos A. Zetina

Aug 25, 2016

Location: EV

Seminar: A Comparison of Formulations and Relaxations for the Cross-dock Door Assignment Problem

Author: Wael Nassief

Jul 28, 2016

Location: H

Seminar: A Cut-and-Solve based approach for the Virtual Network Function Assignment Problem

Author: Sara Ayoubi

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