19 Nov 2019

Dr. Michael Carter from UofT gives a seminar hosted by MORSC

MORSC had the honor to host a seminar by the distinguished guest speaker Prof. Dr. Michael Carter from the University of Toronto. Dr. Carter has given his talk with the title "Modelling the Health Care System: A Policy Decision Support Aid" to a great audience on Tuesday, November 19, 2019, at the conference center of Concordia University. After the seminar, Dr. Carter met professors and graduate students from several Montreal universities in a networking lunch. Once more, MORSC thanks the guest speaker and the great audience. 

01 Apr 2019

MORSC is on Optimization Days! Any members attending, come find us at our desk! The talk hosted by MORSC is accessible to all our members. Not a member yet? Sign up now to join us!

28 Oct 2018

MORSC received the INFORMS 2018 Student Chapter Annual Award at the Magna cum laude level

MORSC is happy to announce that we are selected to receive the INFORMS 2018 Student Chapter Annual Award at the Magna cum laude level. Thanks to our active members' support and the hard work of our organizing team, we received for the second year one of INFORMS prestigious award. Looking forward to more insightful and exciting events in the coming years.

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ORMS Seminar by UofT Prof Michael Carter

Distinguished speaker Prof. Dr. Michael Carter from the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering department of the University of Toronto will be our guest to give a seminar entitled: 

"Modelling the Health Care System: A Policy Decision Support Aid". 


A networking lunch will follow the seminar. Join us for lunch to meet our guest speaker and network with ORMS community!


The Montreal Operations Research Student Chapter (MORSC) (https://www.mtl-students.com/) will be celebrating its 3rd anniversary as part of Optimization days (JOPT) 2019 (https://symposia.cirrelt.ca/JOPT2019/fr/home).

The event will include:

- A presentation of MORSC and its events

- Prizes remission for the Operations research scientific writing activity

- Seminar by our distinguished speaker Prof. Anna Nagurney

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Useful Links


The "intentional openness” in the Operations Research community.

Join up with other MORSC members to participate in the INFORMS O.R. and Analytics Student Team Competition for a chance to win prizes of up to 7,000$.

An article written in 2010 that provides some insight on the role of O.R. in Analytics

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