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Jul 28, 2016

Location: EV.120

Seminar: A Cut-and-Solve based approach for the Virtual Network Function Assignment Problem

Author: Dr. Sara Ayoubi

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This work proposes a novel Cut-and-Solve based approach to solve the VNF assignment problem. It consists of decomposing the problem into two subproblems: a master and a subproblem; and at every iteration constructive piercing cuts are introduced to the master to tighten its search space. We compared the cut-and-solve based approach against the ILP and a heuristic method, and we show that our approach achieves the optimal solution (as opposed to heuristic-based methods) 700 times faster than the ILP. 


About the author:

Dr. Sara Ayoubi received her MSc in 2012 from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, at the Lebanese American University - Beirut, Lebanon. She has recently graduated with a Ph.D. degree in Information and Systems Engineering from the Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering, Montreal, Canada. She is a founding member and executive secretary of the Montreal Operations Research Student Chapter. Her current research interests are in the areas of Operations Research, Cloud Computing, Network Virtualization, and Data Center Networks Management. Dr. Ayoubi will be pursuing a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Waterloo in Fall 2016.

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