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Sep 29, 2016

Location: EV.1.162

Seminar: An overview of optimization: history, classification and methods

Author: Carlos A. Zetina

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In this talk, we present a global view of optimization by means of its history. We discuss the classification of its subfields, applications and historic breakthroughs. We conclude by presenting the open source online server Neos (Network enabled optimization server) which can be used free of cost to solve difficult optimization problems online.


About the author:

Carlos A. Zetina is an experienced banking consultant and a PhD candidate in Industrial Engineering at Concordia University. He contributed to the development of a hybrid algorithm to solve the Manufacturing Cell formation problem and extended theoretical results of semi infinite programming from the linear to the convex case. His research is now focused on creating optimization models for Hub Location that are immune to transportation cost and demand variation and developing faster solution algorithms for network design.  He is a founding member and current president of MORSC .

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