Aug 25, 2016

Location: EV.120

Seminar: A comparison of formulations and relaxations for the cross-dock door assignment problem

Author: Wael Nassief

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In this work, we study the cross-dock door assignment problem in which the assignment of incoming trucks to strip doors, and outgoing trucks to stack doors is to be determined, with the objective of minimizing the total material handling cost. We present two MIP formulations which are theoretically and computationally compared. We present a column-and-row generation algorithm based one promising formulation that provides the best lower bounds. A tabu search is embedded in such algorithm to obtain feasible solutions.

About the author:

PhD candidate at Concordia University in Montreal. For the last three years he has been working on optimizing operational problems which arise in cross-docking. He has developed several mixed integer linear programming formulations for the Cross-dock Door Assignment Problem (CDAP) and compared them theoretically and computationally. He has also developed several techniques such as Lagrangean relaxation and Dantzig-Wolfe decompositions for the CDAP that even though are theoretically equivalent, converge differently in practice. Currently, Wael is developing models and algorithms for scheduling trucks at a cross-dock center in the USA. For more information, visit